Automated testing

Quality, a very important and permanent part of the manufacturing process. In spite of all production checks and design securities we still check if each and every product meets specifications. At our site testing is automated too. It costs less time and is more accurate than a human can ever do. And a computer will not loose concentration or get tired.

Quality and cost price, both very important and in this case they don’t conflict. All products are automatically tested for specifications. Even small series and prototypes. That seems inefficient, to make a test setup for prototypes and small volumes. We disagree. In the end a prototype will turn into a product with a lot of similarities. With the test system that we use a test setup is usually made in a day. “Made” means in this case: wired and test procedure entered. So the price is acceptable and the test setup is ready before the prototype is produced.

Quality checks, always and with each volume. Automated, so it’s efficient and affordable.

We offer our test system to our competing colleagues. And why shouldn’t we. We are not afraid of the competition and if the efficiency of the companies overhere is improved, we can compete with the low wages countries.