Tailor made Engineering

Our solutions are widely useable because of our broad expertise. Micro Electronics may be small, the application possibilities are large. We developed solutions for:

  • Low current, battery powered instruments
  • Data communication, especially Internet communication through the GPRS network
  • Telemetering, remote measurement and control
  • Wireless communication, both for short (10 m) and long (1000 km) distances
  • Sensor technology
  • Displays, graphic or plain text, large or small, colour or monochrome
  • Measurement technology
  • Control technology
  • Registration, datalogging

Many product groups make use of these applications of technology:

  • Road construction
  • (para)medical machines and instruments
  • Sports applications

The product development goes through a structured process in which you play a major part. After the marketing scan, the next development steps are:

  • Specifications
  • If necessary: a proof of concept model. After that supplementary specifications
  • Consulting the enclosure designer
  • Electronic system design
  • Schematic layout
  • PCB layout
  • CAD – CAM conversion
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Prototype validation, checkup on specifications, CE pre-test, check by the customer
  • If necessary, apply corrections tot he design
  • Pilot series manufacturing
  • Series manufacturing

On the next pages these subjects will be explained in greater detail.

If you are interested in letting us develop electronics for you, please feel free to contact us. We really like to help you.