Windows software development

When PC software is developed, the starting point is different than when designing embedded software A PC is equipped with an operating system that can run more than one task simultaneously. This is called a “multi-tasking operating system”. We use these functions if it can simplify the design or improve the structure.

A PC is many times faster and has lots of memory compared to an embedded system. Re-use of memory is not required and smart solutions to let the program run just a bit faster are not really necessary. Of course the available resources will be used efficiently. Furthermore a good design is required and a good structure, quality and maintainability are vital demands for a good Windows program.

Windows is expanded regularly, but it also changes the way things are handled. What runs just fine on Windows 95 refuses to work on Windows XP and vice versa.

There is no need for the user to notice these differences. A good program finds out for itself and will not bother the user with incompatibilities.

Our programs work. On all Windows versions starting from Windows 95.