RS232 to TTL level convertor

RS232 to TTL level converter
When developing a product that communicates over RS-232 it happens frequently that the product uses TTL levels. The serial (COM) port of a PC uses RS232 levels, so a level converter is required. This RS232 to TTL level converter solves this problem in a convenient way.

The level converter is a standard component, but needs some circuitry to be useable. We use the ICL3221 in a TSOP package.

On the PCB 3 LED’s are mounted to indicate power supply, Rx and Tx. This level converter is suited for 3-wire communication only: Rx, Tx and ground. The device needs an external DC 3.0 to 5.0 V power supply.

RS232 to TTL stamp assembly

RS232 to TTL level converter with D Sub hood
The circuit is as small as a real stamp and it will fit in most (long type) D-sub hoods. This hood can be ordered separately from us or from Farnell.


You can download more information about the RS-232 to TTL level converter below:
Schematic and component layout of the RS232 to TTL level converter(165 kB)

More RS232 information

A lot of information about RS232 can be found on the Internet but most of that is fragmented. A source that has gathered a lot of very useful information can be found here (RS232 information, English).


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