Electronics Manufacturing

Under our roof we harbour a production facility. That is convenient for producing small or large series. Or prototypes. Or rush orders. Standard products, tailor made products, prototypes, exactly how you prefer it.

We produce on your request

electronics production robot
Next to engineering we take care of the production and assembling of several products. The kind of service is determined by the customer, that’s you. One customer is satisfied with PCB manufacturing, the other requires a complete assembled and packaged product. Complete with a manual, ready to ship to the end-user.

Well tested

No need to say that we can test the products, fully automatic. We developed a system for that: precise and friendly priced. In our opinion testing is an essential part of the process of the production of electronics.

If necessary we will have the materials picked up at your site. And we take care of proper delivery of the product. That can be a pro if you are settled in Europe instead of the Far East.


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If you are interested in having us produce electronics for you, please feel free to contact us. We really like to help you.