RF communication

RF communication is the way of communicating through radio waves (Radio Frequency). Without cables, wireless. More wireless ways of communication exist, like infra-red. Only infra-red doesn’t work anymore when the light beam gets interrupted. Radio waves are harder to stop.

We use two kinds of RF communication: GSM and licence free RF modems.


Your product can communicate world-wide through the GSM network by using GSM data or sending SMS messages. It is cheaper to communicate through GPRS; Internet communication over the GSM network. The advantage of GPRS is that the product is continuously “on-line” and ready for communication. At any time, without dial-up or any other detours.

It is possible that your product serves as a safe guarding device. In case of an undesired situation an SMS can be transmitted or an e-mail. Or a notice on an Internet server. Internet capabilities embedded in your product. What could you achieve with that ?

And being on-line is nearly free of charge. You only pay for transferred data. In contrary to a GSM connection where you pay by the minute (second). In case of SMS for each message. Enough choice, what you choose is what your application needs most.

RF modems

Another wireless way of communication is RF communication for short distances. Upto a distance of a few hundred metres there are different solutions that are low power, compact and very affordable. Solutions that combine the ease of use of wireless communication without the need to have a GSM subscription.

We have the technology to let your product communicate without wires.

Interested ? Please feel free to contact us, we like to help you out.