Cases Product Development

How is product development done in practice ? We like to show you by giving some examples. That way you’ll experience our working method, solutions and practical approach.

Tailor made PLC, requirements: compact, robust and from idea to finished product in 8 weeks.

Pneumo-Heart meter, requirements: small, affordable, battery powered datalog function and data communication.

Road surface scanner, requirements: robust, drop-in replacement of a mechanical sensor, software development by our customer.

Internet communication demo, requirements: communicate through GPRS with an Internet database, finish within 2 weeks.

Signal converter for hydraulic valves, requirements: interface between a PLC and a hydraulic valve, affordable, compact and robust.

Tildesign website design, requirements: develop this website to be good maintainable, conform the W3 standards, compatible with must used browsers and with a software structure that reflects the quality of our software.