Industrial design

It’s nearly impossible to sell bare electronics. It nees an enclosure, a cabinet, a box. Made of metal or plastic or maybe both. In one case a standard box is just fine, in another case a product needs to stand out by it’s looks. In such cases we consult an industrial designer. Based on the programme of requirements, he makes a design of the enclosure.

When making an industrial design, these are major issues:

  • Image and looks.
  • Functionality and it’s “embedded” communication .
  • Expected production volume.
  • Cost price.
  • Complexity of a mould and the enclosure.
  • Situations of use: robustness, hard to damage, drop resistant.
  • Environmental variables like watertightness, ambient temperature and EMC shielding.
  • Required amount of protection of the electronics.

We know some good industrial designers that we like to consult for your enclosure. You already have your own industrial designer ? That’s ok for us.

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