Smart RF attenuator

for WiFi hotspots

smart RF attenuator for WiFi hotspots by Mobicomm, RF engineeringThis smart RF attenuator is used for WiFi hotspots, where the radiated power is 20 dBm. Combined with a 10 dB antenna the radiated power is too high. So an attenuator for the transmitter is required, while the received signal should only be influenced as little as possible.

This smart RF attenuator attenuates the transmitter by 10 dB, while the receives signal is attenuated only 0.3 dB. This problem is solved by a specialized RF engineer.


Frequency range 500 – 2,500 MHz
Maximum input power 30 dBm (1Watt)
Attenuation 10 dB
Insertion loss 0.3 dB

RF engineering by Mobicomm

Mobicomm is one of our partners for RF engineering, developer of wireless communication and communication protocols. The other way around, Tildesign is a partner of Mobicomm in the field of general electronics development and electronics manufacturing. Working together this way work in two directions.

The smart RF attenuator for WiFi hotspots is developed by Mobicomm in close cooperation with Tildesign to design for production. The RF detector is a micro BGA that measures 1.0 x 1.0 mm, the little black square in the white circle. That specific component requires extra attention when it comes to produceability. Also the connectors needed to be placed automatically to reduce the costs. These too were given extra attention.

Manufacturing by Tildesign

This product is manufactured by Tildesign. All possible manufacturing problems were assessed in advance and appropriate solutions were found. That way the manufacturing process passed off satisfactorily and the failure rate was 0%.

Mobicomm, RF engineering

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Tildesign, electronics design and electronics manufacturing

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