SPD-10 Sauer-Danfoss variable displacement pump control

Sauer Danfoss driver hydraulic variable displacement pump SPD-10
The SPD-10 is a signal converter/driver which converts standardized industrial control signals to the required drive current for a Sauer-Danfoss Series 40 hydraulic  variable displacement pump. Sauer-Danfoss pumps with an EDC (Electronic Displacement Control) require a control signal of -90 to + 90 mA.

PLC’s usually can’t supply that signal. A PLC normally outputs a standardized industrial control signal (0-10 V, -10..+10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA). The SPD-10  takes a control signal like that and converts it into an output current. That way it is easy to control a Sauer-Danfoss Series 40 hydraulic variable displacement pump with a PLC.

In other words, the SPD-10 solves your interface problem between PLC and Sauer-Danfoss pump in a very proper and easy way.

Available models

The SPD-10 has currently 3 available models:

Model Input signal
SPD-10/1 -1 .. +1  V
SPD-10/5 -10 .. +10  V
SPD-10/6 -0.5 .. +4.5  V


You can download the SPD-10 connection diagram (pdf) and the
SPD-10 product sheet by clicking on the links.


You can order the SPD-10 signal converter for Sauer-Danfoss Series 40 hydraulic variable displacement pumps with EDC by e-mail or by fax. Please check our contact page. We usually keep enough stock to deliver immediately. To be sure about this, just give us a call or send us an e-mail.