From Prototype to Series production

After defining the specification the electrical schematic is drawn, a pcb layout is made and a first model is produced.

Experimental design

Sometimes there are so many unknown factors, that an experimental design must be made first. On the outside an experimental design doesn’t look at all like the product that will be developed. The most important goal is to get answers to fundamental questions in order to make the right development descisions.

Another goal can be giving a “proof of concept”, proof that a certain principle is really working. Such a proof of concept is used regularly as a marketing instrument to show to potential customers that a certain problem is solved. This is a way of gathering market information with a limited technology budget.


When the schematic and PCB layouts are made, a prototype will be made. This prototype contains all agreed functionality. The prototype is used to develop and test software. The electrical specifications are checked to ensure in an early stage that the design meets specifications. The results will point out where adjustments are necessary. Usually the prototype is tested on the automated tester. This produces accurate results quickly. A positive side effect is that the test setup is ready before the series production is started. The customer now has a clear view of what the product will look like.

Pilot series

The hardware design is finished, the test setup is ready, the production book is generated and printed and the CAD data is converted to CAM. Together with the customer we decide the size of this series. The goal is to verify all manufacturing steps and product validations with a relatively small series. The customer will have an early product release for market introduction. The preliminary manuals will be shipped with the preliminary version of the packaging. After finishing the pilot series the product is ready for manufacturing, the prototype stage is completed.

Series production

The components that are still missing are purchased now in the correct amounts. Production is planned and carried out properly.