A tailor made product, as it already says, will be made to fit your needs, conform the specifications. Defining specifications is important to lay down the requirements of a product. Measurable parameters like size, currents, voltages and tolerances. But also required approvals, functionality, vibration resistance and easy operation.

Defining this up front will prevent disappiontments afterwards. At the start the requirements are laid down that a product must meet in order to state that the development of the product is “finished”. Also specifications show what parameters needs to be tested after manufacturing. This will be integrated in the automated test procedure.

Your specification

It helps when you know exactly what the requirements of a future product are. We will take a critical look to prevent conflicting demands.

Specifying together

If it is not really clear what the requirements are, we will help to make a proper definition. Product development and manufacturing is our trade, we know the rules and pitfalls. On the other hand, you will know the wishes of our customers best.

Together we will realize a thorough programme of requirements.