Company profile

Our Vision

About us

We believe that you should do in which you excell. Most often you will find those activities most fun and easy to do. We think it is fun to find creative solutions for (not so) everyday problems. Like designing and developing “missing pieces”.

About you

You probably share our opinion. Chances are that Micro Electronics is not your forte. You are specialized in other matters.

About together

We do not work for customers, we work with customers. We need your knowledge of your product to succeed in our work. So we like to deepen our knowledge about your business. Together we create a good, tailor made (and often exclusive) end result that way.

About society

Helping people, increasing security, improving health, if we can we will contribute to that. With products to help keeping you in shape. Instruments to help making a diagnosis. Affordable instruments without fuzz. Healthcare is already expensive enough.

About partners

A small group of engineers is the core of our company. A solid team of engineers, each an expert in our speciality.

Apart from that, a team of third party professionals is available which are hired for their specific expertise. For instance an industrial designer, an injection molder or an expert in approvals.

Maybe you are such a partner too. Do you want to know what we can mean for each other ? Please contact us and find out.

Examine this website and look for common interests.

About the environment

The Environment literally means: your surrounding. The neighbourhood in which you live, work and where your family, friends and acquaintances live too. And the rest of the world. The environment is something worth saving, to treat carefully. This fits into our philosophy. We choose durable, reliable and robust. It is OK if a product lasts 10 years or more. There is no need for a product to be “outdated”, “defective” or “old” after 3 years. Rather we use rechargeable batteries instead of single use batteries. And we welcome the RoHS (Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) directives that improve recycling and restrict the use of lead and other hazardous substances in electronic products per July 2006. We need to invest to comply, but we greatly appreciate the possibility of soldering without lead.

About small print

We are used to work with small components. It will not surprise you that we also use small print. As a matter of speech of course. Our small print really isn’t that small. You can read it yourself.

We work in a structures way, both technical and businesslike. So naturally General Terms are part of our agreements . You can read those here.