MDD3 Manual Direct Drive

MDD3 overzichtsfoto

With the MDD3 Manual Direct Drive a Danfoss Valve PVG32 or PVG120 can be controlled in one direction by means of a button and a Start/Stop switch.

By means of reversing polarity of the input voltage (see figure here after) a choice can be made between the A-gate or the B-gate.
Depending on the polarity of the input voltage by means of the turnable button the output voltage can be adjusted between 50% and 75% of the power supply or between 50% and 25% of the power supply.
With the on/off switch can be switched between controlling and valve closed.
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The MDD3 Manual Direct Drive can be used for controlling manually the driving speed of a vehicle, the speed of a fan, or the speed of a conveyor.
The speed can simply be adjusted by means of the turnable button.
Switching on and off can be done simply, while the turnable button remains in the last position.

Power supply is 9 – 30VDC.
Valve connection through a DIN43650A connector.
Connection cable, power supply cable and valve cable can be specified when ordering.