Engineering Tools

We develop and produce electronics ourselves. In that process we regularly use tools. Third party tools or tools that we make ourselves. We think that some of these tools are so convenient that we want to share them with you. Through the links below you can find more information about tools for electronics development and manufacturing.

Stamp PCB’s

It often occurs that a prototype needs one extra function. There is an IC that includes all functionality. It only “needs to be connected”. And that’s what will cost quite some time. And with some bad luck, this solution is unreliable. We made a PCB for some of these functions. Easy and effective in these kinds of situations. And affordable of course, everything else is already expensive enough. Read more…

Software tools

All information is in the CAD data. And next the productions machine can’t handle this data. Or an automatically generated bill of materials needs a lot of formatting to be useful. Or the bill of materials needs to be converted into an import file for the ERP system. All information is present, but the format is incorrect. For a number of these situations we made software tools. Read more…

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