Telemetering, literally means “measuring from a distance”. And for us it doesn’t matter how far away. For each distance there is an appropriate solution.

Imagine to be able to know the condition of your machine. If it is treated wel or if it is being overloaded or maybe “borrowed”. Where is my machine anyway ? Can my pumps handle this rain shower ? Is the heating in my greenhouse still working or is the temperature dropping below the critical minimum ?

Questions that can be answered with telemetering.

We master the technologies of remote measuring. Being it through a cable, a telephone connection or the GSM network. If necessary through a satellite. This combined with our other skills like sensor technology, low power electronics, measurement and control and Internet software makes almost any thinkable solution possible.

Do you envision possibilities for your product ? We are creative and like to think with you in search of the best fitting solution. Please feel free to contact us and talk about it.